How wonderful to be able to share this very lovely pre-Christmas morning to thank you for all you have done to make our 2019 a very special year. We started this Tamarindo project over 28 years ago inspired by the gospel message of love and you have always been with us and for us and for that we are so grateful.

It has been through your generosity that the Tamarindo continues to be a source of celebration, hope and life for so many families here in El Salvador.

Can you help us ensure our community continues to grow in 2020 through education, faith, sustainable employment and community building?


This year, our famous Tamarindo Christmas is centered on gratitude. We begin by thanking God for direction, the holy mass, the sacraments and the rosary, which remain the center of our life, our decision-making process and the inspirational source for our many diverse programs.

We are grateful for our team of leaders who continue to grow in faith, knowledge, wisdom and ability. This year, we were able to grow our staff bringing on two women, recent college graduates from our Jon Cortina scholarship program, who are now working on integral community education. 


We also celebrate the graduation of seven college students. It’s incredible to think how a small scholarship program inspired by Joe Albers and his wife Karen has continued to grow to become an essential part of preparing people for the job market in El Salvador. HOPE.

As part of our commitment to education leading to employment, in January of 2020 the Thoman Learning Center will be open for business. The center will focus on four areas; English language training, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), small business training  and integral community education. We believe the Thoman Center will become the place where women and men will come to learn the skills that will provide job opportunities. With the inauguration of the building on February 8, the construction team is now working 24 hours a day to meet the deadline. We’re glad the construction of the center is providing jobs for local Guarjila workers, as we believe jobs and the deepening of faith will transform El Salvador.


In 2020, we also plan on developing a volunteer program bringing in English, STEM and small business teachers to Guarjila. We also hope through your generosity, we will be able to continue building community spaces such as a multi-purpose field house, health and wellness center, a community pool and a hotel, where our teachers and visitors can stay, all with the focus on creating safe communities while building an economy so people will choose to live and raise their families in the region. Keeping families together is a key component to integral development.


All of our work and all of our dreams are only possible through the grace of God and by you, the generous Tamarindo families all over the world. So what do we want for Christmas?

Please pray with us and remember the Tamarindo in all you do. Secondly tell people about the Tamarindo. Yes there is a plan to make El Salvador a safe, prosperous place, it’s with the Tamarindo Foundation. Third, please consider making an end of year gift. Perhaps your company can provide a matching gift. Help us continue to build this model program of faith and progress. 

So thank you for your love.

On behalf of all of us here at the Tamarindo have a blessed Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year.

Our hope is that all are celebrating with family. We look forward to seeing you in 2020.